Rebecca Leonard, FAICP, Chair

Welcome to the Economic Development Division! We are glad that you are here!

The Economic Development Division has the mission to advance the practice and state of the art of economic development planning by increasing the understanding of economic development as a key element of public policy at all levels of government, and to promote it as a critical element of the neighborhood, community, regional, and national planning process.

The Division fosters an interest in, contributes knowledge to, and promotes cooperation for economic development planning by:

  • Creating a network of planners to contribute to the promotion of interests, concerns, practitioner skills, and the competence of its members in a common area of interest, where learning, research, advocacy and interaction serve to advance the security of planners and the role of planning in building communities
  • Disseminating materials and information about current economic development planning practice and theory to members of the Division
  • Assisting and educating the Association about influencing legislation; planning policy; and membership welfare—which may include, but is not limited to: workplace fairness, equitable programs and benefits, and opposing discrimination—as it relates to economic development planning
  • Facilitating connections with Divisions, Chapters, other professionals, and professional organizations that are concerned with economic development planning
  • Promoting communication among members of the Division through a variety of member services, including newsletters, conference sessions, workshops, webinars, and other publications.

If you are interested in joining us to achieve these goals, please reach out. We have a spot for you!

Rebecca Leonard, FAICP