Emi Theriault, Chair

Welcome to the Economic Development Division!

Together, our mission is to advance the practice and state of the art of economic development planning by increasing the understanding of economic development as a key element of public policy at all levels of government; to promote it as a critical element of the neighborhood, community, regional, and national planning process; and address the evolving workforce needs to expand social equity.

In other words, our commitment is not to bigger communities but BETTER communities!

Guided by an annual work plan, Division members and Leadership provide programming and information to support our network of planners specializing or interested in economic development. This includes promoting learning, research, advocacy, and interaction to help and advance the role in planning to create great communities for all.

We're always looking for more people to join on in advancing our mission. If you are already a Division member, we're so grateful. If you are not a Division member–yet–we hope you will join us today!

Emi Theriault, AICP
Economic Development Division Chair (2023-2024)