Kareem El-Sisi

Kareem El-Sisi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2024 EDD Holzheimer Memorial Student Scholarship. Kareem El-Sisi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) submitted the winning paper, titled "Growing Without Compromising: A Circular Approach to Sustainable Economic Development."

The paper discusses a timely topic on circular economy and specifically explores the strategies to transition from a linear to a circular approach in the built environment to achieve sustainable economic development. Kareem’s paper offers useful case studies and helpful practical recommendations for economic development practitioners to embrace the principles of circular economy and creative more livable, sustainable communities while fostering economic prosperity. An extended summary of this paper will appear on the spring 2024 issue of the Economic Development Division’s newsletter.

Honorable Mention

The committee also acknowledged the following submissions with “Honorable Mention” designation:

Jein Park of Harvard University, submitted the paper titled “Managing Retail Vacancy in Harvard Square.”

Aanchal Chopra of Harvard University, submitted the paper titled “Getting Childcare to Work: Opportunities for Zoning Reform to Improve Access to Childcare near Places of Work.”

Summaries of these two papers will appear on the fall and winter 2024 issues of the Economic Development Division’s newsletters.

2024 Scholarship Committee

The 2024 Holzheimer Scholarship committee was comprised of: Dr. Li (Kerry) Fang of Florida State University (Chair); Dr. Greg Schrock of Portland State University ; Dr. Henry Renski of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Corey Proctor of Forrest County, Mississippi; Katie McConnell of City of Richmond Department of Economic Development; and Emily Egan of the City of Elmhurst, Illinois. Thank you for the committee members’ hard work!