Get involved...

Our division relies on the support of its members in leadership roles. These are great opportunities to build your network and knowledge. If you are interested in any of these positions or other areas of interest not listed here, please contact

Conference Committee Chair

The Conference Committee Chair will work with the Division Leadership to ensure that all Division responsibilities are covered at the National Planning Conference (NPC).

Note: The NPC 2023 will be held in Philadelphia - preference is given to members local to the area.

Conference Reception Coordinator

The Conference Reception Coordinator will work with the Division Leadership to organize the Economic Development Division reception.

Learning Committee Chair

The Learning Committee Chair will work with Division Leadership to ensure that the learning objectives of the Division are being met. Preference will be given to someone with connections to academia.

Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee Chair will work with the Division Leadership to encourage membership in the Division. The Membership Committee Chair must be interested in creating new benefits to encourage membership. The Membership Committee Chair will also work to develop relationships between members through networking events and mentoring. The Membership Committee Chair will ensure that the members with free membership are integrated into the Division and supporting the work plan.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager will work with the Communications Chair to develop brochures, publications, swag, and other marketing materials for the Division. The Marketing Manager must have experience with graphic design.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair oversees Division communications including collecting articles for and coordinating the quarterly newsletter about economic development. The Newsletter Coordinator will layout the newsletter and submit it for publication.

Note: The Division works with a consultant on design so the editor works with writers to add content to the newsletter.

Content Generators

Content Generators will work with the Newsletter Coordinators and the Communications Chair to write and collect articles for the quarterly newsletter and social media about economic development. The Content Generators will also work with the Newsletter Coordinator to research the best way for the Division to share information with its membership.